The Top Ten Best UFO Photos ever Taken

We need evidences to prove a certain point. Like the alleged alien existence here on our planet, we need proofs: videos, alien bodies, crashed alien space ships and pictures. But these top ten UFO photos seem to be enough for us to believe that they are already here. Now, let us take a look at some of these best UFO photos, and I'll let you be the judge of it. After looking at these pictures; it'll make you say this: “Aliens are real, and they are here on Earth.” *silence* Come on, let’s roll!

The first photo was in Valpara, Mexico in 2004 and the photo is photographed by Manuel Aguirre, a newspaper reporter who works at Mercury newspaper. In the photo, a group of glowing lights in circular or spherical shape are seen in the distance over Valpara’s city lights. This photo has been considered legitimate. Another best UFO photo was again taken in Mexico, specifically in Puebla in 1967. The photo took by Carlos Diaz, who is just trying to take a picture of Mt. Popocatepetl erupting. The photo shows a glowing, yellowish disc-shaped UFO with red hues on the side. It has been authenticated by many photographic experts and published in many books and magazines.

This UFO photo in Waterbury, Connecticut in 1987 will leave you in awe. The photo took by Randy Etting, who is a commercial airline pilot. He is just taking a walk outside of his house when he sees a semi-circular pattern of multi-coloured lights. According to Etting, he could hear no sound from the UFO. Five motorists had also reported that when they see the object, their car engines lost its power and had to pull over.

So what do you think? Are these photos enough as evidences to prove that aliens are real and that they are here? Now is your time to think about it. To take a closer look at these top ten best UFO photos, just go to “Educating Humanity” website below.

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