The Way You Should Make Mashed Potatoes from Now On

This recipe from Craftsy shows you precisely the way you should make mashed potatoes from now on. Not only is this method easy and quick to clean up, but it will provide delicious, creamy mashed potatoes every time. By using a slow cooker for the cooking, preparation, mashing, warming and serving of your potatoes, your clean up will be a snap. The addition of garlic to this recipe provides a healthy dose of immune boosting flavor to this warm and nurturing comfort food.

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Slow cooker recipes are really the way to go these days. Can you imagine what life must have been like before the slow cooker was invented? We’ve really got to thank the original inventor, Irving Naxton for creating the slow cooker that we all know so well today. And as the legend goes, he was inspired to invent it because of his Jewish mother’s stories of a stew she used to make when she was growing up. It was cooked overnight during the Sabbath – a time when no one was allowed to cook at all. How did they get around this rule and what does it have to do with the slow cooker? Well, they would prepare the stew and fire up the oven a few hours before sunset on Friday night. Just before sunset, they’d plop the stew in the oven and turn it off. The lovely residual heat would cook the stew overnight and the next day and voila – the moment the Sabbath was over, the stew was ready. This idea of cooking food slowly is what gave Irving the vision for creating the slow cooker. Cool, huh?

If you dare to try out Craftsy's mashed potato recipe you will not be disappointed. A heaping bowl of warm and creamy mashed potatoes will soothe the most troubled soul. Potatoes have long been revered as a comfort food and vital staple crop around the globe. Originating in the Andes, this starchy tuber has been cultivated and adapted to a variety of tastes and growing conditions over the last ten thousand years. Not only delicious and comforting, the simple potato also provides essential carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins and minerals to keep you strong and healthy.

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