The Yummiest Cherry Jam Recipe

It cannot be denied that summer time is also the perfect time for harvesting fruits, vegetables, and other raw foods that you have planted in your farm garden or in your vacant lot beside your home. During this season, your house will normally be filled with the goods you harvest. You might find them in the kitchen or a cool storage room. One thing is for sure however, and that is the fact that these abundant harvests have the potential of just being more than you can consume. The worse part is, some of these harvests might only be put to waste since they can become overripe, and go bad. Even with giving lots of your bounty away to friends and family there is more often than not still too much! The good news is, you can actually do something so that your harvests will not be put to waste. Yes of course you preserve some of this food through canning. Canning is an excellent idea. Lets talk about cherries. If you have harvested a large crop of cherries, then consider yourself lucky. Cherries off your own tree! The flavor must be amazing and cherries are always super expensive to purchase in the food stores. To start with just get those cherries washed and pitted and if you don't have time to can right away, put the prepared cherries into airtight containers and freeze them until you do have more time. Another item you can consider would be to make a yummy batch of cherry jam. What a treat that would be year round. You will need the proper kitchen equipment to make your jam and a good recipe to follow. Cherry jam will surely be one of those extra special items you can serve with toast, on top of ice cream, or as a topping for a cheesecake. You will be preserving the fresh taste of your homegrown cherries for year round enjoyment. Check out a wonderful recipe we want to share from "Brooklyn Farm Girl" website below.

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