Therapy Horses And Siblings Takoda and Sweetheart Playing Toda

If you love horses, then you will love what we are about to share with you about them. Horses were often used as a therapeutic aid even in the 17th century, when the ancient Greeks utilized them to cure some of the incurable diseases during those times. There were even some documents found from that era stating the many benefits of riding horses. This activity was prescribed to alleviate people who are suffering from gout, neurological problems and even those who have low self-esteem. Therapy horses are not exactly new because their significance in mankind’s health and wellness have always been acknowledged even in the olden years.

Therapeutic riding, however, is a term first applied in Germany to help people with scoliosis. A doctor will prescribe a patient to work with a physical therapist and a horse that is specially trained for this particular task. The patient will have to go on this kind of therapy for a year to correct any orthopedic dysfunction that he or she is experiencing. After a year of treatment and once the doctor saw improvements and strength from using this method, the patient can already be discharged. This therapy was eventually called “Hippotherapy” in America.

There have been so many records proving this method works for those who have tried it. Many are still skeptical because it is not a conventional way to cure diseases or to correct dislocated bones in the body, but others are taking a leap of faith since doctors are even prescribing it.

You can always do further research on your own before engaging yourself in this kind of therapy if you ever want one. But it’s safe to say that horses are not just for track racing, apparently they too have the ability to heal.

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