There, I Fixed It: Last-Second Substitutions and Kitchen Hacks That'll Save the Day

There, I Fixed It: Last-Second Substitutions and Kitchen Hacks That'll Save the Day in your kitchen! Sometimes even with the best hopes in the world, and the most well equipped kitchen, we can still end up falling short on ingredients now and then. You want to make sure that you have everything you need to whip up your favourite recipes, but sometimes you just run out as you are making something. It has happened to us all... You have a moment's despair while you think about whether you will run out to the store or make do with something that you have in the cupboard. The wonderful part is that usually you CAN make do with the items you have in your kitchen, you might just not know it yet. With a little bit of creativity and kitchen know how, you will be on your way to being a master improvisor in the kitchen! And, of course with the help of this list too!

This awesome list of kitchen and recipe inspiration comes to us from bonappetit, a great food blog and kitchen how to website. All of the tips you see on their website come from chefs, or food magazine writers and editors who have a lot of experience in the kitchen. Sure these folks know what its like to be surrounded with amazing ingredients and awesome kitchen tools pretty much all of the time. But what do they do when they are at home, or over at a friend's house or on vacation when they happen to not have the right ingredient to add to their recipe? Well, they improvise of course, which is what they will teach you to do too. There are so many foods that could be used for many different purposes. Like Greek yogurt for example, if you wanted some Ricotta cheese so badly, but you ran out or just don't have any in the fridge, then simply grab out your greek yogurt and strain some of the watery part out with some cheese cloth, in moments flat you will have a beautiful ricotta like cheese to add to any recipe!

Another great ingredient tip is say you run out of olive oil, this can really stump you when it comes to making salads and such as to what to use instead, but why not look in your fridge or cupboard for any jarred vegetables or even anchovies, and use that lovely flavoured oil that comes inside the jar. Plus it is a great way to make the products you purchase stretch and have a few different purposes. The article even mentions using anchovy oil to toss croutons in to make them extra savoury. I have totally tried this and it really works! If you are always sick of hard butter mangling up your slices of bread before you make a grilled cheese sandwich out of them, why not just use mayonnaise instead? It really spreads on nicely, and gives a really nice flavour to the sandwich too! I never have breadcrumbs on hand, but when a recipe calls for them, I do what is suggested in this article and I take stale pieces of bread and grate them finely, it is a great use for something that may have been tossed in the garbage! Did you know you can actually use potato chips for bread crumbs too? I didn't know either until I read through this awesome list. There are plenty of other wonderful ideas for you to read through and enjoy trying out for yourself too. Check out the rest of the website while you are at it as well, and see what recipes and kitchen tips you come across. Cooking is an art, so we have to enjoy it as such and improvise where needed. Happy Cooking!

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