There Is Martian And Human Life On Mars : International Ufology Congress

The "UFO Blogger" website has done it again, bringing us the latest news on the presence of aliens in our galaxy. According to the International Ufology Congress, there is martian and human life on mars. Now it's a difficult area to navigate, this whole debate on whether aliens actually exist or not. It's not an easy answer either, because even the most well intended citizen might make an assumption or an inaccurate sightings. Sometimes our eyes do play tricks on us so we can't always believe what we see. In fact think of a magic show you went to where someone is specifically trying to deceive you right before your eyes. It's hard to catch everything, even though we like to think of ourselves as quite clever, things can still get past us. Now I'm not saying that all alien sightings are hoaxes, although they very well might be. What I am saying is that some sightings might be real ones, and other ones just our eyes playing tricks on us.

This current situation concerning whether there is martian and human life on mars has been brought on based on this international ufology congress which takes place every year. There is a group of people that organize it from around the world and they come together to discuss all of the new information that they have. There are scientists who speak as well as other creatives and individuals.

At this particular function a lady piped up about being teleported to and from the planet Mars on multiple occasions. Saying that it's a strange experience, but one that is very real. She claims to have been doing this for years on behalf of the government, and that there is plenty of intelligent life there already. The implications of that being true are huge ! Could you even fathom being transported from a physical reality here, to one on Mars? It would be an out of this world experience - literally.

Apparently we have already found a lot of alien spacecraft remnants all over our planet, in addition to all the stories from people sighting them. With all the people claiming to see them and having interactions with aliens, it's hard to imagine everyone being completely crazy. But then again until we have hard facts, it's difficult to believe the stories we hear. Who knows maybe in the upcoming years we'll finally get some proof and we can say once and for all that they exist! Until then we will hold our conventions to talk about the latest news and discoveries, and we will patiently await the day when we can prove what we believe to be true.

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