These 24 Horses Have The Most Unusual And Beautiful Colors In The World.

Horses!!! Regal, Majestic, Powerful and Awe-Inspiring are a few words that describe these spirited, elegant animals. Let us explore some horse colors.

A Cremello colored horse results when the action of two creme genes on a red horse. A creme gene on a red produces a Palomino, but two creme genes produce a Cremello. The other characteristic of a Cremello Horse is a white mane and tale. There are Cremellos hair coats that are so very pale; they look as white as their tail and main. This is not standard, however, as others have a definite cream color. Their coats are also very fine. Some of these horses have pale blue eyes.

The number one horse on this list is the Akhal-Teke. This breed of horse is between 14.2 and 16.3 hands and weighs between 900 and 1000 pounds. This breed of horse, today is used for show jumping, dressage, pleasure riding and long distance riding. Riders can enjoy a smooth flowing gate from this horse. This breed of horse is sensitive, highly intelligent and sensible. This is a loyal and often one-man horse.

One of the champions in this breed was 'Absent' who not only won a Gold medal in 1960 for Dressage in the Rome Olympic Games plus five other medals, with three different riders in three Olympic events.

In America, the first Akhal-Teke stallion to stud was 'Senetir'.

The Akhal Teke is an ancient breed of a horse very possibly descending from the Arabian. History shows them in the country of Turkmenistan which means these horses had adapted to desert living which meant extreme hot and cold and sparse food and water supplies. These horses are also fine boned.

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