These Adorable Treats Really Look Great – and They Taste Even Better!

Do you love S'mores but can't wait all year long just for summer to roll around so you can have some? These Hershey S’mores Kiss Cookies will be the perfect treat to bring back those sweet summer memories any time of year! Cookies are the perfect little dessert recipe, little bite-sized treats that fit in the palm of your hand, and you can eat in a couple of bites, or just one bite even. Cookie recipes are the perfect kind of recipe to make when you have an event coming up where you want to share a dessert with more than a few people. They are great to make for potlucks, for an appetizer night, or for bake sales and fundraisers. Everyone loves cookies and will usually have at least one or two when they are put out on a beautiful platter.

This great cookie recipe comes from Sugar Apron and is actually incredibly easy to make. You don't need much more than the ingredients for your cookie dough, which is the typical flour, egg, butter, sugar, this recipe also has peanut butter in it,vanilla and salt. The cookies are baked and then, the yummy marshmallows get put on top of the cookie! So you just cut a marshmallow in half and place it sticky side down on the cookie, then broil the cookies under the broiler in your oven for just enough time to toast the marshmallow much like you would over a camp fire, just until lightly golden brown, no burnt, charred marshmallows here guys! Once the marshmallows are all nice and roasty toasty, the sweet little Hershey's kiss chocolate gets put on top of the marshmallow while it is still warm. The result is a super delicious, and very darling looking cookie that you can enjoy and share with your loved ones. These cookies would be super cute to make for Valentines day treats even!

Cookie recipes have been around a very long time. Biscuit type recipes have been made as early as 7th century AD in Persia. By the 14th century in Europe, the cookie was quite common in all households, no matter the social status. The word cookie comes from the Dutch work koekje, which actually means, little cake. The Dutch people brought over their cookie recipes to the United States in the 1600s in their settlement called New Netherland. Over the centuries, many different cookie recipes have been developed, but the sugar cookie is the most well-known in all cultures. Then in the 1700s, cookie recipes like chocolate chip cookie came to be. The other types of cookies we still make are peanut butter cookies, thumbprint cookies, jam cookies, ginger snap cookies and so many more.

Sugar Apron has lots of great cookie and dessert recipes that you can find on their recipe website. The owner of the website is Sarah, who loves to cook, bake and jog in her spare time. Sarah is a kindergarten teacher and loves her job very much as well. She absolutely loves to be able to share her ideas and recipes with a wide variety of people through the internet. Sarah says that she works by doing a little bit of trial and error, and just experiments in her own kitchen. Sugar Apron has a great list of recipes and categories that you can check out for recipe inspiration. Salad recipes, appetizer recipes, pizza and pasta recipes, cake and cheesecake recipes, holiday recipes, main dish recipes and so much more. Try out these adorable little Hershey S’mores Kiss Cookies when you have a spare moment and see what you think!

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