These BFFs Built a Tiny House Neighborhood So They Could All Live Right Next to Each Other

You will want to take a look at this tiny house community located in Austin, Texas. Imagine living in the same block as all of your best friends, while it sounds like a great idea, not everyone has the chance to do it. But four couples from Austin were able to take that dream and make it into a reality. The internet is calling these unique small house plans the Bestie Row, which is a mini neighborhood where the friends all live in tiny house plans that are lined up right next to each other. These friends were looking to get away from the busy life in Austin for a lifestyle that was a little slower paced and nature inspired. So the eight friends purchased ten acres of property near the Llano River in the area. Then all them eco-conscious people decided to hire architect Matt Garcia to design the best small home plans all of which are energy-efficient tiny house designs. Each of the tiny house designs is about 350 square feet and cost each couple about $40,000.

Each unique small house plan in this tiny house community has a bedroom, a bathroom, and a living room. When designing a small house for each of the couples they were built with a minimalist motif. The tiny house designs look modern with their concrete floors, grained plywood, and shiny metal exterior. The combination of the concrete floors and wood achieves a modern timeless look. Their architect also built a 1,500-square foot tiny cabin design that has a kitchen and living area that serves as a larger space for the friends to hang out. With a limited amount of water work with on the arid property, the friends needed to think about and work with the area's dry climate. The dry location is beautiful but arid, so each person is doing as much as they possibly can to reserve water for the native trees and grasses. Each of the unique small house plans and designs has a butterfly roof to help capture the rainwater that's then recirculated to help collect water to be used around the property.

This is such a great concept and one that is sure to inspire other like minded people. It's a great way to get a community feeling in your neighborhood and in a way that is affordable to everyone. Tiny house designs and unique small house plans aren't just for staying in when away on vacation, for some people small house designs are also used for full-time living, for guest houses, as writing cabins and artists studios. You might consider a small designer home as one of the best small home plans for when guests come over, and you want them to have a unique small house plan to stay that is separate from the main house. The small designer homes options are endless. With unique small house plans like gingerbread cottages, treehouses, small designer homes, tiny beach shacks, cob cottages, garden sheds, houseboats, and modular homes. You will find more tiny cabins designs than ever before with tiny house designs that are prefabricated homes, wind-powered homes, tiny houses on wheels and so much more. A tiny house design is a great way to own your home without a big mortgage payment. It's a way to save money and get the home of your dreams.

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