These Cupcakes Look so Gorgeous It Would Almost Be a Pity to Eat Them

We have all heard of the ever popular Spanish beverage, sangria, but did you know that there is a recipe for Sangria Cupcakes?! The First Year Blog has shared an amazing looking recipe for these sangria cupcakes that look like they would be so delicious! If you like the fruity flavours of the sangria drink, then you will totally be sure to love this Sangria Cupcakes recipe. To think that cupcakes used to only come in a few different flavours, the typical flavours like vanilla, chocolate and maybe lemon or strawberry icing. Now, there are so many amazing cupcake recipes out there and they don't seem to stop coming in either. I would have never thought to create a sangria cupcake for example, but now someone has! Its quite incredible the creativity out there when it comes to creating recipes.

Cupcakes have been around for a very long time, and are made as a smaller, personal sized cake that people can have all to themselves. The cupcake recipe uses a muffin tin and little papers that the cupcake batter is poured into which makes it easier to remove the cupcakes without them crumbing to pieces. There are also whole lines of designer cupcake papers and little decorative sticks that can be put in the tops for a little extra pizazz. It takes the cupcake and makes it into a gourmet food item. This is what cupcake shops have thrived on for the past several years now. These wonderful cupcake shops have taken the original cupcake recipe to the next level by creating a plethora of different cupcake recipes like a Baily's cupcake, Red Velvet cupcake, S'mores cupcake, Black liquorice cupcakes, and even savoury cupcakes like a bacon maple syrup cupcake, or cornbread with meat cupcakes. It actually is pretty awesome to try all of the different concoctions that these stores come up with.

But what if you don't have a cupcake store in your area? That is where the internet comes in to save the day yet again! You can find all of these awesome and surprisingly simple cupcake recipes online from various food blogs like The First Year Blog that we found this Sangria Cupcake recipe on. You might think that these Sangria Cupcakes will take a lot of time and effort, but they are actually very easy to make. All you need are the usual cupcake ingredients you would use, the flour, sugar, eggs, butter, vanilla, but in these cupcakes you also add in some sour cream which makes the cupcakes turn out very moist. You also add in some strawberries, orange zest and some blueberries or apples into the cupcake batter. While the cupcakes bake in the oven, you make the delicious butter cream icing, nothing is better than buttercream icing on a cupcake, hands down. This buttercream icing is not your typical vanilla flavour, it has a lot of flavour packed into it. You actually make a red wine syrup out of some red wine to add into your vanilla frosting to give it that fruity, wine like flavour, and give it a nice rich reddish purple colour too. Once the icing is perfectly piped onto the little cakes, you can top them each off with pieces of fruit to make them look very festive. These cupcakes look beautiful and would be the perfect addition to any summer feast, or anytime of the year you want some fruity dessert. Don't forget to make some sangria to go along side these festive cupcakes! You can find many different recipes for sangria online that will be perfect for any occasion! Enjoy!

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