These Mirror Cakes Look Like They Were Painted And Polished

Have you ever seen anything like these before? These mirror cakes look like they were painted and polished and made for the art gallery. They’re so beautiful – almost too beautiful to eat. These gorgeous works of art are created by Olga Noskova, a confectionary artist from Ufa Russia, who makes a whole variety of sweet treats that reflect light like magical mirrors. You can even see your face in them. Having studied economics at university, Olga has always been interested in cooking sweet treats and dessert recipes , starting with an obsession for macaroons and then moving on to European mousse cakes. Later, she began to study the confectionary process in earnest, but she didn’t become a professional confectioner until March, 2015 – which is difficult to believe when you see her amazing, masterpiece cakes. She’s so gifted at creating these beautiful cake recipes, it looks like she’s been making them for decades.

Olga has an Instagram account and posts her latest creations whenever they’re done. After some of her posts went viral, she now has quite a following throughout the world, and her yummy cake photos can be seen all over the internet. What is the secret to her cake baking? She’s not telling, but you can find mirror-glaze recipes online, if you search hard enough - including at the end of this Bored Panda glaze cake recipe article. Are the cakes as amazing as the icing? Those who have tasted them attest to the actual cake being just as delicious as the awe-inspiring cake toppings. And just how does she make that flawless, glossy frosting? Very carefully, and that’s a secret she will probably take to her grave.

Have you ever wondered about the history of cake in general, and glazed cake in particular? Cake is a short word with a very long history. The English word cake originally comes from the Norse word kaka, and refers to a dessert baked with flour and eggs, and sweetened with honey or sugar. Cake can also be made with milk, although there are lots of cake recipes that do not call for it. Cake has a fluffy, bubbly, airy texture that’s created when it rises during the baking process. While the first cakes were probably baked as bread and then sweetened with sugar or honey afterward, today’s cakes are cooked as sweet desserts from beginning to end. There’s a wide variety of cake recipes available these days, suiting every dietary preference, craving, and need, and that wide variety seems to be growing on a weekly basis. The best cake recipes, it seems, are the ones for birthday cakes. Whether you’re looking for kids birthday cakes, kids birthday cake ideas, or novelty cake recipe ideas, Olga’s mirror cakes are well worth studying for their originality and beauty. The history of cake icing, or glaze, goes back to the 17th century, as far as we can currently tell. At that time, the glaze, or icing, was poured over the cake and then the cake was returned to the oven where the glaze could set. This was called “icing” the cake because it created a smooth, translucent topping over the cake that clearly resembled ice.

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