This Elegant Tiny Home Has "Life On The Go With Style" Written All Over It

Here's a beautiful and simple tiny house design that has everything a tiny house needs. The home was created by Bears Tiny Homes a tiny home builder in Farmington, Georgia near Athens. Mark Warfield is the builder of the tiny houses on wheels and also the head of the company. He has over 30 years of construction experience and has built and renovated residential and commercial buildings including recreational vehicles. He started building tiny houses on wheels in 2016 and introduced the first tiny house model that same year. He even took it to the Florida Tiny House Festival in St. Augustine and tied in a contest for Best Builder which is pretty awesome. Laura Wilson is the other mastermind behind Bears, Inc. She has a passion for sustainable housing, and she does the design for the company. Their Highland tiny house model is a great example of the beautiful tiny houses this company builds. With it's clean, simple architecture and high-quality build, this tiny house is perfect for anyone who is looking to live life on the go.

The exterior of the home is done with a green siding and white trim with a red door for a pop of colour. The inside of the home is finished with beautiful wood panelling which makes the tiny house feel like a cozy cabin in the woods. They also did the cabinets in the kitchen in wood and kept it all consistent using the same colour of wood in their design. The cabinetry in the living room is impressive and includes a little fireplace and a mounted TV above. This would be the perfect place to relax and watch some movies or shows. The kitchen also includes a built-in propane RV stove with three burners and a decent sized oven. Above the oven is a microwave as well which is great for convenience. They also installed an RV fridge which is a nice size of fridge to have in a tiny house on wheels. Each of the tiny houses built by the company are inspected and NOAH-Certified, NOAH is a National Trade Association for builders, manufacturers and DIY'ers building tiny houses on wheels.

Each tiny house is custom built for each customer and will be tailored to their specific needs and style. There is also financing available for the qualified buyer as well. They can even create off-grid homes for those who want them. The plumbing and electrical systems can be made to hook up to municipal power and plumbing systems, or RV park systems or they can be created to go off-grid. Then you would use a generator or solar power, and you would get a composting toilet. The company can build a tiny home on wheels from 10 feet to 53 feet long and with different floor plans and designs. If you want to have a hand in creating your tiny house, the company will also build your tiny house up until a certain point, and then you can finish it up yourself. The prices of tiny houses all comes down to the size, materials and finishing touches, so it's hard to say what a tiny house will cost until they have a good idea of the elements of a specific project. Once you have some ideas, you can get a ballpark estimate of what your tiny house may cost. If you have your tiny house built by Bear's Tiny Homes you can expect to have it built within 8 to 12 weeks. Enjoy checking out their great design and get some ideas for your own tiny house design.***

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