This Guy Cleaning Odd Shaped Glass with Magnets and He Loves the Result!

Cleaning glass can be a difficult task, especially when it comes to vases and odd shaped vessels. Good thing there are amazing simple life hacks like this one from Tip Hero that will make our lives easier. This guy uses magnets to clean glass in the most ingenious way. You probably have a couple of vases or glasses that you have a heck of a time getting totally clean, and don't worry; you're not alone, we all do. Some of the vases and vessels are just to long to fit a cleaning brush into, and the necks can be so small that you can't get your hand in there, so what are you to do? Many people would just soak some hot water and dish soap in their vase and hope for the best, but this won't get stuck on grime that has developed around the inside edges of the vase. You need something to get in there and scrub it off, but what can you use? This tutorial shows us one of the coolest simple life hacks ever; how to make magnetic cleaning scrubby sponges to clean your glassware. You may even wonder why you didn't think of doing something like this before and you'll probably run to your kitchen to test it out for yourself.

All you need for this awesome cleaning trick is one scrubby sponge and two highly powerful magnets. The scrubby sponges are best if they're the ones with the yellow sponge on one side and the green scrubber on the other side. For this tutorial, you'll be using the green side to scrub all of the dirt off. Cut one sponge right in half and make little cuts in the inside of the sponge. Then, you take your powerful magnets and insert them into cuts you made in the sponge. Don't just use the magnets from your fridge; you can find really strong ones online or maybe in a hardware store. The more powerful they are, the easier your cleaning job will be. So now you'll notice that the two halves of the sponge will now be attracted together because of the magnets within the sponges. To clean the inside of the glass vase, just insert one-half of the sponge, the green scrubby side facing out, into the vase. Then, the other half of the sponge comes to meet the inside sponge on the outside of the vase. The two sides of the sponge will magnetize to each other regardless of the glass between them, and wherever you move the outside sponge, the inside sponge will follow. You can use some dish soap and hot water inside the vessel to clean it more efficiently, and then rinse it out a few times to get rid of the leftover dirt.

This is probably one of the best cleaning tips you've seen in a while, and it will probably work on any vase or jar that has a big enough opening to fit the sponge. If you have a smaller vase, you could try cutting the sponge into smaller pieces, so they fit inside. You can also try a pipe cleaner or other wire brush cleaners that are meant for cleaning inside small items. You can find these types of brushes at any home hardware store or maybe even a dollar store in the kitchen section. Enjoy this and many more simple life hacks and cleaning tips from Tip Hero. We all love discovering new ways to make our lives easier, right? They also have some pretty awesome diy projects on there that are fun to create and maybe even give away as gifts.***

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