This Guy Puts A Balloon Over A Toilet Paper Roll And The Result Is Brilliant

If you love real life hacks, here are 7 simple life hacks from the CrazyRussianHacker on YouTube. Hacks are a way of getting things done using the most effortless methods possible. They are also perfect for helping us recycle and save money wherever possible. These are ideas that will make our lives easier and sometimes more fun. The CrazyRussianHacker is known on YouTube for his many simple life hacks and diy ideas. He posts videos of himself explaining and demonstrating how to use these tricks and hacks, so you know exactly how to do them yourself. In this episode of his diy ideas, he shows us some different things you can do with toilet paper. Toilet paper is one of the things we always need around, whether we're at home or work, or even camping out. So it's great to learn some simple hacks for this common household item. For example, do you have a pet who likes to unravel the toilet paper when you're away? They just want to play, but it's so annoying to find your once neat and tidy roll of toilet paper in a huge heap on the floor. Rolling it back up into the roll takes a lot of time and patience, and you may not even want to use it once your pet has had their paws all over it.

The CrazyRussianHacker shows us how to prevent our pets from unrolling the toilet paper in the first place. All you need to do is simply tuck the end of the toilet paper into the inside of the roll when you're not using it. That way the end won't be dangling out tempting your pet. You could also shut the door to the bathroom before you head out for the day ensuring your pet no access to the roll. Another diy trick is especially good for campers. If you've ever experienced the soggy roll of toilet paper while camping, you know how gross that can be. So the Russian Hacker shows us how to make the perfect toilet paper carrying case out of an old coffee container. You can even attach a chord to it, so it's easier to carry, and cut a slit on the side so the paper comes out easily. This way your paper is super easy to get out of the container when you need it. You're probably curious to see what he does with the empty toilet roll and the balloon though right? He puts a balloon over the toilet paper roll to make a simple slingshot that you can use for fun shooting soft objects like marshmallows, so no one gets hurt, or in a survival situation, you could use heavier objects like marbles which would actually hurt someone in self-defense or be useful for hunting.

Just be really careful though and don't use this to hurt people on purpose if your life isn't in danger. The balloon really sets the object flying super fast as you'll see in the video so use the finished product only for launching soft things to be on the safe side. The empty toilet paper rolls also make great wrapping paper holders too. You simply cut the empty toilet paper roll down the center and wrap it around the roll of wrapping paper to keep it from unraveling. Another cool survival life hack is to submerge a whole roll of toilet paper without the cardboard tube in it in rubbing alcohol. Then you carefully set it on fire, and it will burn for quite a long time to use as a little camping stove. Try these and more simple life hacks from CrazyRussianHacker's YouTube channel***

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