This Hair Dye Changes Color Depending On The Temperature Around You

Just like out of an animated movie the future of hair is here. A UK firm called The Unseen has just revealed a hair dye that can change between two colors if the temperature alters. The hair color called Fire was unveiled recently to coincide with the London Fashion Week. The hair dyes allow for the hair to change between different colors temporarily depending on the type of dye that is used. This includes hair dyes that go from black when cold to red when hot, from black to white, blue to white, silver to blue, and black to yellow, according to Forbes. The hair dyes can be removed after a few washes, without any lasting hair damage. This fun and unique invention work using a thermochromic ink. The UK firm Unseen has applied the same technology to hair, without damaging the person’s scalp as traditional thermochromic ink is toxic. To deal with this, the firm said that they replaced the toxic parts with less toxic ingredients, which they did with a lot of reformulation and testing of the product. This is just one way you can design your life to match the weather.

The amazing hair dye works by using a complex carbon-based molecule, which then undergoes a reversible reaction with itself when the temperature changes. When it gets to a certain temperature, one of the molecule‘s that forms are more stable than the other molecule, and thus a reaction takes place that produces a molecule that has a slightly different absorption of light, and a different color. The temperature that is required depends on the dye that is used. For example, the blue to white hair dye will activate at 59°F, to mimic winter, while the red to black hair dye activates at 88°F. Founder Lauren Bowker told IFLScience that they are planning to commercialize the hair product however they have to iron out some of the issues with the recipe. They are currently looking for a commercial client with the scale to license this sort of technology to bring to the shelves as soon as possible. The company is hoping to sell a range of colors and temperature effects.

The following are some fun facts about hair that might surprise you. Hair is made up mostly of keratin, which is the same protein that is in animals’ horns, claws, hooves, feathers, and beaks. When wet, a healthy strand of hair can stretch to about 30 percent more than its original length.

Your hair will grow slightly faster in the warmer weather because heat stimulates the circulation in the scalp which in turn encourages hair growth. All of the hair on your body is dead, except for the hair that is still inside the epidermis of your scalp. Hair contains all sorts of information about everything that has ever been in your bloodstream, to include drugs, and is one of the most commonly used types of forensic evidence. The only thing about you that can’t be identified by your hair is what gender you are, as both men’s hair and women’s hair are identical in structure. Black is the most common type of hair color. With red being the rarest and only existing in about one percent of the world’s population, with blonde hair being found in two percent.

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