This Handmade Roof is the BEST DIY Project that I've Found All Year!

D-I-Y is a completely popular trend these days; slowly people around the globe are developing a liking for creating useful things from scratch. With the growth of the artistic community, as well as economical and environmentalist ones, not one material goes to waste, and no concept is so hard to do. Products of the D-I-Y practice ranges from a lot of things from clothing to tables to beds to writing paraphernalia to photo frames to cosmetics and to just about anything! The age of the internet has become a social platform as well as an information base wherein these ideas on how easily things can be utilized via used scraps at home are thoroughly shared for the whole world to enjoy.

One useful and interesting project would be the making of a handmade roof. For those who are financially incapable of acquiring one through the help of a carpenter. Securing the materials needed for house-building is already as expensive in itself as well as purchasing the lot for where that particular house should be built in. Luckily, human nature is as complex as it is simple, and most D-I-Y enthusiasts could easily plan attaching a handmade roof instead. A handmade roof requires only a few things, little skills, and a lot of hard work to make.

A froe (an L-shaped hand tool with a blade on the end) and a mallet are two very basic tools one must have in order to start a handmade roof. Fir or cured cedar would be good options for materials to be used in this project. The process may seem difficult but fortunately it is not, it only includes the blade of the froe pounded into the wood with a mallet and then the handle spits the wood along the grain. That would be it!

To clearly understand how such process works and make your own roofing shakes please visit the 'Mother Earth News' website below.

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