This Hash Brown Burger Is The Best Of Breakfast And Lunch In One

There has been an incredible up rise of healthy eating fads, things like smoothies, detox drinks, juicing, gluten free foods, paleo diets, raw diets, grain free diets, different fasts and cleanses, coffee enemas, oh the list goes on and on! There always seems to be a new thing that you need to try in order to lose weight, look good, feel good, get abs, be fit... but this hash brown burger is the best of breakfast and lunch in one. Sure all the healthy foods may be good for you, but even if that's the case, they don't create that mouth watering satisfaction of something truly fatty and delicious like this burger. It's true that people have been striving to eat healthier and that obesity has been at an all time high in recent years especially among children. But even so, people still love their good old comfort foods. This might not be something you want to add to your daily menu but it's important to treat yourself every once and a while, and this might be exactly what you need after weeks of dieting.

If you have something like this from time to time, you won't gain a ridiculous amount of weight, so don't worry if you're on a diet and are trying to watch your figure. If you completely deprive yourself, you might even be more tempted to eat things. Sometimes it works better to eat mostly healthy, and then to have little treats here and there that taste incredible, because let's face it - we only live once! On top of that, you could die tomorrow, and if you were torturing yourself over salads each day, what's it all worth in the end? That's why I'm a firm believer that you need healthy habits, but you also need to eat things like this delicious burger too.

This hash brown burger is like nothing you've tried before. Basically it's made up of bacon, a sunny side up egg and bourbon maple syrup on a cheeseburger, this is all held together between two slabs of tater tot bread, yes you heard that correctly tater tot bread, you may never go back to regular bread and you've got the champion of all breakfast/lunch/dinner sandwiches. Seriously this might just be the best breakfast sandwich you've ever had. You'll want to watch the step by step recipe video tutorial. You'll need a waffle iron for this fantastic hash brown burger recipe. To start take your waffle iron and put some butter on it, so your tater tots don't stick. Then you will cover the waffle iron with tater tots, and press down, to form your tater tot waffles, wow, they look really good.

Then you can start your bourbon maple syrup, which consists of one part butter, six parts maple syrup and some bourbon. Put all the bourbon maple syrup ingredients in a little pot, and heat over medium heat on the stove and simmer till thick. Then cook your bacon, and next cook your burger until done. Then cover your burger with some cheese slices.

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