This is NOT a Mushroom... Look Closer (MIND BLOWN)

In our world, we are sure to come across certain things that will fool the eye, and, if you are a good chef, you can almost certainly make anything out of food, and if you are really talented, you will be able to make it look like something that it is not. For example, the photo with this article, this is NOT a mushroom.... Look closer, your mind will be blown when you find out exactly what it is. This article shows this mushroom and reveals what it is made out of, and other eye tricks with food can be found on the Fine Cooking website. It's so fun to trick people into thinking they are eating something and when they bite into it they realize its something completely different! My first thought was that it would be a great April Fool's trick or even just a prank for any time of year even if you just want to catch some one off guard.

The funny thing is, the the foods are most often the opposite of what you think they are going to be! For example, a savoury looking burger is actually a sweet dessert. The ones that are trying to be sliders in this post, don't have me fooled though, they do just look like normal cookies with chocolate inside of them. But maybe they could fool someone! The mushrooms are really surprising though, because they really do look just like mushrooms, yet they are made out of something completely different! You will be so shocked when you find out what it is but I am not going to give it away, you will have to find out for yourself.

There are some on here that would be really good, like the fried hazelnut won tons! Which, by the way, do look like normal savoury deep fried won tons that you would have for an appetizer at an Asian restaurant. So these could totally trick someone! Or the French onion soup dumplings! They look totally like some sweet dumplings! But would have a French onion soup flavour, which would probably taste really quite good if you think about it. I have seen other food pranks where you make mashed potatoes look like ice cream and drizzle really dark coloured gravy on top for the chocolate sauce, and they actually look like scoops of ice cream with chocolate fudge sauce on top of it. You could even make a cherry looking topper out of a cherry tomato or something. Did you know that in commercials, it is actually very common to make one food look like another? This is so that they can prolong the time the photographers and videographers have to get the best shot of it. Some think that sits lying to do this, but it is advertising after all! Sometimes they will use the mashed potatoes as ice cream because they don't melt like ice cream does. Its so fun to be creative in the kitchen, and play around with different fun ideas you can make yourself and then maybe you can post them on the internet for others to try out.

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