This is Ridiculous! ... Boston Cream Poke Cake

My list of dessert recipes to bake, taste and try, keeps getting longer and longer, and it's no wonder with all the amazing cookbooks, food blogs and cooking shows that are more abundant than ever before. "This is Ridiculous! ... Boston Cream Poke Cake," is an irresistible dessert recipe, that you and the family are sure to enjoy. For any one who absolutely loves boston cream donuts, this cake is sure to be a favourite. Boston Cream pie is a favourite for a lot of people and the first one was created at the Parker House Hotel in Boston by Armenian-French chef M. Sanzian in 1856. He first called it the Parker House Chocolate Cream Pie, and it was created similar to Washington pie, which was also a two layer cake with jam, but the custard replaced the jam. The Parker House Chocolate Cream Pie was first published in the Granite Iron Ware Cook Book, which was printed in 1878. So this recipe is over 100 years old! 137 years old to be exact. That is older than anyone alive right now. So this is definitely a classic.

The Boston Cream Pie Poke Cake is a simple dessert recipe that looks irresistible, and is easy to do. For this cake recipe you will need to prepare the cake recipe found on the site, and when the cake is baked, take the handle of a wooden spoon, to poke holes throughout the cake. Next step in the dessert recipe is to make the boxed vanilla pudding mixes, according to the recipe on the package, when this is complete you will pour over the cake, and let cool. Next you will prepare the ganache recipe, using chocolate chips and heavy cream, then you will let this cool and afterwards pour evenly over the dessert cake. Place the dessert cake into the fridge, let cool and set, and cut. You will not believe how great this cake looks, with lots of photos and complete directions on the recipe site.

This food blog has plenty of other inspirations to drool over and try. The creator of this recipe blog, is the lovely Danielle who is married to her Prince Charming and the mother to two beautiful boys, all three who are trusty recipe taste testers. Danielle is a first grade teacher, who loves her students, as much as she loves chocolate chips. On this great recipe blog you will find; appetizer recipes, brunch recipes, candy recipes, cake recipes, bar recipes, crock pot recipes, dessert recipes, dinner recipes, gluten free recipes, side dish recipes and vegetable recipes to name a few. So make sure that you save this recipe to your favourites section on your browser. Or, you can also pin it on one of your recipe boards on pintrest! This way you will always have it hand so that you can make it for a special occasion, as well as to share with your friends and others who might like it! To read more about this recipe, visit "Hugs and Cookies," website.

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