This Old-Fashioned Yet Delectable Banana Cream Pie Will Bring Back Memories Of Grandma’s Wholesome Baking…

Talk to anyone about what their favorite food or recipe is and you'll quite often hear my mom, or dad or grandmothers recipe mentioned. There's something about an Old-Fashioned Banana Cream Pie recipe that takes us back to our youth or a time and place that we remember fondly. Food has that special power to evoke emotion and fondness. We are excited to be sharing this recipe here as it looks just delicious!

Any recipe that brings back good childhood memories, takes us back in time, a time when things were simpler, memories spent with family and friends, whether it be mothers, fathers, cousins, siblings, grandparents or the neighbours down the street. Vintage recipes usually include uncomplicated whole ingredients and directions that can and most often are passed on from one generation to another. These cooking traditions are where many people began their love of food, and hopefully where our children will feel a connection to their past through stories and the power of taste.

I remember my mom and dad telling stories about when they were children and the milk and cream would be delivered to their homes by horse and buggy kept cold by a big block of ice, even as children we used to get our milk from a local farmer so fresh we had to scrape the cream off the top, I remember that farm vividly. There's something to say about getting your fresh eggs, fruits, herbs and vegetables straight from the farmer, it makes you appreciate your food more when you know where it has come from and if your lucky enough to live close to your farmer you can even go pick the fruit yourself! How nice that something so uncomplicated can be the start to a love for food.

Some of the ingredients you will need for this Old Fashioned Banana Cream Pie recipe include baked pie crusts, some whole milk, white sugar, all purpose flour, salt and egg yolks slightly beaten. You will also need some vanilla, bananas, and some butter.

With your baked pie shells ready, you can start by scalding the milk in a large saucepan. Then in another saucepan, you can combine the sugar, salt and flour, stirring gradually in the scalded milk. Then over medium heat, stir and cook until the milk is thickened, then cover and cook a little longer. In a bowl with the egg yolks slightly beaten, stir in some of the hot mixture into the beaten egg yolks. When combined, stir in the yolks into the hot mixture. Then cook a little longer. Remove from thereat and blend in the vanilla and butter. Next let sit until lukewarm, and then when you are about ready to pour in the mixture into your baked pie shells, slice the bananas and cover the pie shell with them. Now pour the warm mixture overtop the bananas. You can make a meringue if you'd like with the three leftover egg whites, and to the Banana pie recipe with it, or you can just let the pie cool until you are ready to serve. This is sure to be your new favorite pie recipe.

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