This Photo of Cindy Crawford Has never been Photoshopped, and Now its Going Viral!

In the modeling and advertising world, Photoshop is a king of all kings. Its fine ability to digitally alter and enhance is common practice on most models. This lets the advertisers put out the so called 'perfect' looking women to wear their clothes, make up accessories and so on. After these models have their hair done by professionals, their make up done by professionals, and are professionally posed to already look perfect, the advertisers increase their standards even still be changing these women even more so that they are without wrinkles (no matter their ages), without cellulite and without an ounce of fat. Women are allowed to be curvy but only to a certain acceptable degree.

Some celebrities have outright refused photoshop in their photo shoots say that they do not want their breasts enhanced, or their chin taken down and that the women of the world who are buying these magazines have the right to see them as they are.

Some of these women reportedly refusing photoshop include Keira Knightly, Vanessa Hudgens, Jamie Lee Curtis, Gisele Bundchen, Cate Blanchett, Jessica Simpson, Monica Belluci, Brad Pitt, Coco Austin, and Holly Madison.

Hot off the presses on we include Cindy Crawford whose 'before' picture has not been digitally altered and is every bit as breathtaking as we imagine her to be. In this picture one of our favorite super models of all time, Cindy Crawford is wearing classic black lingerie with a black cowboy hat and a black shawl. She is nearing 50 years old and looks incredible. It is a far cry from the perfection that the advertisers want us to see and it will only do things to help the women of world who struggle with body image. It is very difficult in this day and age to find women who are willing to expose themselves without the help of digital enhancement these days, so Cindy, we thank you.

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