This Rainbow Candy Cane Cake is One of the Most Stunning Cakes Iíve Ever Seen. Wow.

This Rainbow Candy Cane Cake is One of the Most Stunning Cakes Iíve Ever Seen. Wow. If you are on the lookout for amazing cake recipes, check out this awesome Rainbow Candy Cane Cake featured on Tip Hero. The cake was made by Jenn from her food blog called Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio. This is one of those epic cakes that is perfect for kids birthdays cakes or for any other type of celebration you can think of. If you are thinking of baking a cake, then this awesomely crazy looking cake might just be the recipe to try out next. There are so many different cake recipes out there, we make cakes for special occasions mostly, but cakes can really be made any time just to enjoy a delicious treat. Kids birthday cakes are super popular to make, and its always fun to make a different cake each year. Good thing there are so many amazing cake recipes like this rainbow candy cane cake out there in recipe books and online. Finding cake recipes online is so easy and usually you can find just what you are looking for without having to search through dozens of recipe books. Just Google search the kind of cake you are looking to make, and you will get a bunch of different recipe options.

Baking a cake is pretty easy, all you have to do is mix up the batter making sure you are getting the accurate ingredients, and then bake it at the recommended time and temperature. Some bakers insist that measuring out the weight of the ingredients will further help your cake to turn out beautifully. The truth is that different flours have different weights to them, and so measuring the quantities on a kitchen scale can help with this. Kitchen scales are easy to find and they may even sell them in your local grocery store or department store. You can also buy one online if you can't find one in your town. The part of baking a cake that can be a little bit more tricky is doing the icing. As you will see on the video tutorial of this rainbow candy cane cake, she does such a beautiful job of icing the buttercream onto the cake layers. The surface looks really nice and smooth and clean. When you are icing your cake you want to make sure that the cake has cooled completely after baking. If you try to put the icing on the cake before it is fully cooled, you will find the cake sticks to the icing and chunks can come out of the cake leaving big holes. Then the cake gets enmeshed with the icing and nobody likes that. So be patient and wait for the cake to cool completely and then take your time when icing it. The effect that Jenn does at the end of icing the cake looks especially cool with all of the rainbow colours dripping down.

For more amazing cake recipes and other how to information make sure you check out Tip Hero, a website dedicated to bringing you the best in recipes, DIY and household tips and tricks. Thank you to the people over at Tip Hero for sharing this awesome recipe for Rainbow Candy Cane Cake and thank you to Jenn from Cookies, Cupcakes and Cardio for creating the recipe and the awesome video tutorial to go along with it. Jenn also has a lot of awesome stuff on her website like a cake recipe for a cake shaped like a Coca Cola bottle, a beautiful looking Easter cake with mini eggs all over it and a rainbow waffles cake. These recipe are so much fun so try out a few to share with your family and friends.*

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