This Simple Yet Clever Trick Will Leave Your Oven Squeaky Clean And Gleaming

Ovens can be a pain to clean... but you can Wipe Away All The Gunk On Your Oven In A Snap With This Simple Hack for kitchen cleaning! We all know how much of a job cleaning our ovens is, which is why it's a job we don't get around to doing very often perhaps. Typically people get to cleaning their ovens maybe once a month, or once a year if that. Which is why they end up getting so dirty that you just look at the inside and want to scream. But it truly doesn't have to be so difficult to get your oven nice and clean again, especially if you are regular about cleaning it. Maybe once a month or once every three months would suffice to keep it looking nice and shiny. You will not believe the photos of this oven cleaning process when you see it! Your mind will be blown at how clean this oven becomes with just a simple technique. I know mine was!

Usually, we tend to gravitate toward using products that you can find at the store like Oven Off or something similar. These products are wonderful in getting off tough to clean spots in the oven, but they do have toxic properties that come along with them. If you are like most people these days, you will be wanting to lean more toward using all natural products for cleaning your home. Which is why this cleaning hack is so awesome! The only things you need for this cleaning job is some baking soda, water and a scrub pad. That is literally it! All you do is just leave the mixture on your oven door and glass; you can even put it on the inside too, and just leave it for 15 minutes or more. Leaving it on for longer allows the baking soda to work it's magic breaking down the gross oven stains that have accumulated over time with use.

If your oven is pretty dirty, you can leave the baking soda on overnight even perhaps. This will give the cleaning mixture more than enough time to work on the grease and grime. There are other household cleaning protocols you can try out, but this one seems to be one of the less invasive ones. Other oven cleaning methods include using ammonia, which is toxic to breathe in and get into your mucus membranes like your eyes, nose and mouth. If in a dire situation, then by all means pull out the big guns and use the more aggressive means to clean your oven, but this method is perfect for those intermittent upkeep cleans for your kitchen.

Baking soda is one of those household products many of us can't live without. Is there anything it can't do? Sodium bicarbonate is baking soda's chemical name; it is a type of salt that is made up of sodium ions and carbon ions. In nature, it is found in natural water springs. This amazing crystalline powder has been used since ancient Egyptian times, as they found natural deposits of natron that includes sodium bicarbonate, and used it for the paint for their art and hieroglyphics. Much later on in 1846, John Dwight and Austin Church designed a factory where they developed a way to produce sodium bicarbonate on a larger scale. It had also been used historically as a way to keep fish from spoiling before the fishermen could bring it to the markets to sell. Now, we use baking soda for a wide array of duties. It is used not only for a natural and effective cleaning solution for around the home, but it is great for cleaning clothing as well as deodorizing fabrics. We also can use it in cooking and baking, as well as a medicine to assist in alkalizing the body.

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