This Totally Changed How I Make Meat Loaf

After watching this great video, I can honestly say, this totally changed how I make meat loaf myself! Forget about the traditional meat loaf our mothers used to make. This version is more of a meat loaf wrap, that combines a few simple ingredients such as onions, celery, cheese and bacon, with ground beef. To create an insanely delicious and mouth-watering meat loaf that you will have to see to believe. While meat loafs are often thought of as not the most delicious meal to cook, this one is in my opinion, the champion of meat loafs, that could quite possibly turn heads at any bbq or dinner. This meatloaf will be met by surprise by even the most skeptical of meat lovers or meat loaf non lovers. The bbq pros in the video deserve a huge amount of recognition for taking a classic, and simple recipe, and then transforming it into a meaty behemoth that rivals what most people are grilling up these days. The best part is all you need is an outdoor grill and about an hour for it to cook and you are left with a filling and very hearty meat loaf that is hard to look at without salivating just a little.

Growing up, I always loved a family bbq, where everyone got together and ate burgers, steaks and all types of grilled foods while chatting and relaxing with family and close friends. I always loved using steak sauce and other toppings to create the perfect and most delicious grilled meals that I possibly could. Now I can add barbecued meatloaf to the list of awesome bbq recipes to try, since not only is this recipe delicious but easy to cook as well. This is such a great idea, isn't it? It would just totally make for a totally different flavour of meatloaf altogether. There are many people who don't really like meatloaf, it can tend to be a bit bland and flavourless. Which is why so many people eat it with ketchup on the side, or doused in a ketchup sauce. But not this meatloaf, no siree! This one has a ton of great flavour, and would be awesome to be cooked on the grill, locking all of the flavours in. The grilled flavour would also be a nice touch to it. This recipe is totally one worth trying out before grilling season is over! You never know, even the kids might like it!

Barbecue Web is a great platform for finding new ways to BBQ up your favourite dishes, and maybe some that you hadn't really thought of before, like this awesome BBQ Meatloaf! The You Tube videos make it so easy to be able to follow along with the recipe, to be able to have a visual. To watch someone else make the dish before you do makes it easier to remember all of the different steps! Are you ready to try this incredible bbq meatloaf that will totally change how you make meat loaf as well? Head over to 'BarbecueWeb' by following the link in the description below for more!

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