This Weird Trick Turns Your Dead Banana Yellow Again

It's something you never even knew was possible. At least, we sure didn't. When we have a rotten banana, we take it for granted that it's a rotten banana. The possibility that it could be resurrected into a healthy yellow one again never entered our minds. But according to this great little YouTube video, “Life Hack Zombie Banana” by Brandon Queen, this weird little trick can turn your dead banana yellow again.

First things first. What in the world does this term “life hack” come from and what exactly does it mean? We always thought “hack” meant illegally breaking into a computer. And it's true, that's exactly what it used to mean (and still does) – learning the designated rules of a computer system in order to get around and even corrupt them. But these days, the word hack has evolved into yet another meaning – something with a much more positive implication.

As you might have already guessed, “life hack” is referring to creative tips and tricks and efficient strategies that can help make your life a little bit easier. Let's face it! The world's moving fast and time is becoming more and more precious with every second. That's why things like life hacks are so incredibly handy! They are time-saving, life-saving shortcuts that often involve a “loophole” of some sort, just as in the original meaning of the word hack – they offer ways to “get around” problems and solve them faster! More often than not, life hacks engage everyday objects and tools in surprising and innovative new ways – ways in which you never would have thought of using them before. For example, using corn meal to kill ants or heating your living room with a terracotta flower pot.

And how about turning your black banana yellow again with a hair dryer? That's right, that's how Brandon Queen does it in this life hack video. Of course, that's not the entire trick – you would have to watch the entire video for that. But it's ingenious really. We still can't believe it – that black banana turns yellow again, right before our very eyes!

You'd think he was a magician or something. Well, actually, he is! Based in Los Angeles, California, Brandon Queen has performed all over the United States and the world. He loves exploring the vast potential of the human mind as well as the power of human thought and intention. He specializes in mind reading, audience participation, mentalism, and hypnosis, and gives his audience an unforgettable show wherever he goes. Brandon loves to prove the impossible is possible, if only we open our minds and use our imagination. The stars are the limit as far as Brandon Queen is concerned.

And that is why this amazing magician, Brandon Queen, can turn a black banana into a yellow one. He does it with the pure intention of his mind! No, just kidding, he does it with a few simple things you probably already have somewhere in your kitchen – including a hairdryer and a Ziploc bag and one other key ingredient! But that doesn't make it any less magic, does it? The fact that he uses simple household items to do it? A healthy banana is a healthy banana, right? And like we said before, it turns from black to yellow right before your very eyes!

You really need to try this life hack out yourself to prove that it actually works! Truly, it will not only bend but it will expand your mind. Try it in your own kitchen, then try it out in front of your friends. Truly, if we can turn a dead black banana into a healthy yellow one and eat it, then anything is possible!

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