Three Brilliant Hacks For Easily Cleaning Your Microwave

Using the microwave can be an easier way to prepare food, but when it comes to cleaning it, it can be far from easy. Good thing there are three brilliant hacks for easily cleaning your microwave. The microwave is one of those kitchen appliances you either love or you don't. Many people love it because of the convenience it provides to both warm and cook food in minutes. You can put a leftover meal in the microwave and it will be ready to eat in less than 3 minutes usually. Or, you can cook a potato in less than 10 minutes in your microwave as opposed to 30 minutes in your oven. The size of microwaves also makes them very convenient. They fit in smaller kitchens very easily and can be stored on or above the counter top or above the stove so their out of the way. Percy Spencer was the inventor of the original microwave, invented after World War II in 1945. He found that while he was working with microwaves at Raytheon a US defence contractor. Percy noticed that when he was testing the microwaves, they seemed to melt a chocolate bar in his pocket, leading him to wonder what other types of food it could cook or melt. First they tried popcorn and then eggs which both worked very well. In 1947, the Radarange microwave was available to purchase for in home use and cost a whopping $5,000 in the US, which was a lot of money for that time.

Now you can find microwaves for as little as $80 to $100 dollars brand new, and there are always used options that you can buy from garage sales and thrift stores. Even thought there has always been some controversy around microwave ovens, people continue to use them and they don't seem to have too negative of an effect. Studies have been done that show microwave ovens seem to cause the food being heated by them to lose nutrients, but any form of heating will naturally do this. Since the microwave oven is such a small space with awkward angles and edges, it can be difficult to clean. Since they regularly get really dirty, it's important to clean them regularly so they don't start having a lot of burned on food in them. The video from the Little Things website shows us a few cleaning tips that will make the job a little easier to do.

First of all, you can get a clean microwave with lemon and water. All you need is a half a lemon in a large cup of water. Be sure the cup is microwaveable. Put the cup with the lemon and water into the microwave for three minutes and take it out. The lemon and the steam from the water will help to loosen all of the stuck on gunk and grime which will make it so much easier to remove it with a paper towel or cloth. That's all you need to do to get a clean microwave with lemon juice and water. You can do the same type of thing vinegar. Just microwave the vinegar in a cup and then wipe the inside down with towels. Paper towels can also act as a steam for the inside of a microwave by creating a ball of damp paper towel and putting it into the oven and letting it heat up for a few minutes. Make sure you remove all three of these things with an oven mitt so you don't burn yourself. Enjoy trying these natural cleaners for microwaves and stay tuned for more awesome cleaning tips.***

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