Three Easy And Unexpected Ways To Clean Your Toilet

Keeping the toilet clean is a job you have to stay on top of, and while there are not many people who can actually say they like cleaning their toilet, it's a job that must be done none the less. Here are three easy and unexpected ways to clean your toilet from Little Things. Everyone has their own cleaning routines that they use regularly. You may have even learned from a relative or a friend how to clean properly and efficiently. Many people think that cleaning is so difficult and such a horrible job to do, something that takes up your whole day. The truth is, if you find the ways it works best for you, it can actually be pretty easy and effortless and it doesn't have to take up your whole day either. There are so many great cleaning tips that you can learn to keep your house clean and feeling fresh. You may even feel like it was just cleaned by a professional. These toilet bowl cleaning tips are especially handy for those really nasty toilet stains that may take a little bit of extra scrubbing to get them out. To prevent toilet stains, it's best to clean your toilet regularly, at least once a week if it's used a lot. You can clean it more if need be too.

If you have toilets that go unused, just because they are not being used doesn't meant that they don't acquire stains on them. The hard water can build up over time when it just sits in the toilet bowl, so it's important to flush these toilets at least once every few days even if you don't use them. This will also help to keep the pipes clear too. If you have some stains in your toilet bowl and you're wondering how on earth you're going to get them out, before buying any special toilet cleaning solutions, just try a few simple things first. You may even already have the supplies to try these toilet bowl cleaning tips. For one of them, all you need is some Coca Cola. Just plain, regular Coke gets poured into the toilet bowl and you let it sit overnight to really work away at those stains and then flush. You'll see that all of the gunk will just flush down with it. The cola works to break up the stains because of it's acidity. Much like the cola, vinegar and dental tablets work in the same way to scrub your toilet. Just put a cup of vinegar in your toilet bowl and let that sit overnight too and then flush it down to reveal your clean toilet. Dental tabs take around the same amount of time as well and also leave your toilet looking spotless. Of course, if there are any stubborn stains just get our your toilet brush and scrub away for a bit.

So there you have it, some really effective and effortless toilet cleaning hacks to keep your toilet clean. Try them out for yourself and pass them on to friends and family that you know would probably like to give them a try too. You can find more diy hacks and cleaning tips on the Little Things website, along with all of their cute and inspirational stories as well. It's a great website to visit if you have some spare time and want an interesting or fun video to watch or an article to read. You can also follow them on Facebook so that you get all of their latest posts and updates from the website.***

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