Tiny House Country Meets City House

Tiny house enthusiasts love seeing inside of different people's tiny houses, which is why it's great that the FYI Television Network has a show specifically geared toward small house design. On their show, Tiny House Nation, they featured a country meets city style of tiny house which is the tiny house on wheels you see here. The Tiny House Nation show on FYI Television Network, features hosts John Weisbarth and Zack Giffin, home renovation specialists, who travel around America to look inside some of the nations most beautiful tiny houses. The series showcases small house living, as well as the building process of the tiny houses to show others how to live the tiny house dream. We get to follow people on their journey of tiny house building giving us a realistic perspective of what the whole process entails. Just like any home building or renovation process, there are ups and downs, lessons to be learned and a whole lot of excitement involved along the way, and the show tries to capture as much of that as possible. It's a very inspiring show to watch and learn from, and it may even inspire people to build a tiny house of their very own one day.

This particular tiny house on wheels is a mix of the country and city styles, very cozy, yet very chic and contemporary. The small house design is 240 square feet in total, which is one of the smaller tiny houses on wheels that has been featured on the Tiny House Nation show. Chaz and Crystal are the owners of this sweet little abode and they reside in Tampa Bay, Florida. They wanted something small enough that they could take with them on the road, since Chaz works on the road a lot. When they heard about the possibility of living in a tiny house on wheels that they would be able to take with them wherever they went, they were so excited to get started on creating their tiny dream house. One of their biggest challenges was to have a house small enough that isn't a hassle to tow behind a truck, but to also have a small house design that would allow them to have their own spaces for alone time too. For anyone who knows about small house living, this could be tricky in a tiny house on wheels, especially a very small one, since usually tiny houses are all about open space concepts.

Zack, the mastermind behind the small house design was able to implement all of the things that Chaz and Crystal were hoping to include in their home with amazing skill. He created a special space for Crystal's makeup and jewelry, complete with beauty lights for when she gets ready and creative little compartments to store everything. Chaz wanted some deck space to lounge out on, which Zack was also able to incorporate by shifting the interior design around a bit. He was even able to fit two television sets and a dresser for their clothes up in the loft. The results of this tiny house design are amazing, and it totally is the perfect mix of country and city style. The couple is very happy with their little house and they are thrilled that they can still continue to enjoy their alone time within the confines of 240 square feet. This is the kind of small house design that shows just what can be possible with a little bit of creativity and imagination. Size doesn't have to be a limitation, you just have to work with the space you have and use it practically.***

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