Tiny House for Under $1,000

Looking to buy a home can be an overwhelmingly exciting experience, but it can come with a lot of financial responsibilities and hidden costs. This is a tiny house for under $1,000 that can be all yours to personalize and make home. This tiny house design is a very basic layout, made with affordable, yet quality materials. Arched Cabins is the company creating the tiny house design you see here and they operate out of Cypress, Texas with a team of expert builders willing to help you out with your tiny house building. The units are arched in design to save money on the overall tiny house cost and the design also provides a very efficient use of space inside. Each unit is 8 feet by 8 feet all the way up to 24 feet by 24 feet. The smallest one, which is 8 feet by 8 feet is the one that costs $1,000. These tiny houses can be built as simply as possible for the most affordable option, or, they can be insulated and finished for a higher cost. Tiny house cost all depends on the style and design of your specific project, from the types of wood you use for cabinetry, to the counter tops, or whether you choose laminate or hardwood. Each choice makes a difference in the overall price of the project.

They offer an option for the houses to be fully finished with insulation, which would be the best way to go if you were going to live in it full time or use it as a cabin. Uninsulated units would make for great storage units or workshop spaces, or an animal shelter so long as it doesn't get too cold outside. The shape of these tiny houses is what makes them really interesting. Instead of going with a conventional boxed in frame, this is an arch shape, resembling more of an A-Frame house, or a caravan. As you'll see in the photos on the All Self Sustained website, the styles of the arched cabins can differ from each other depending on the customer's preference. The roofing that also doubles as the walls of the house is metal, and so it can be the customer's choice of colour, from red, green, blue, brown, grey, white or black they can choose whatever colour suits them best. This roof adds a lot of character to the tiny house and provides nice, high ceilings within the house, creating the illusion of more space.

Once inside this beautiful little home, you can see that a set of wooden stairs creates access to an upper loft level, which is a great use of space within the house. The living area and the kitchen are underneath and have an open concept design. The interior finishing is up to the customer to finish off once they receive the home, but the house itself is able to be built by the carpenters on the company's building team. You can see that the larger the unit is, the more you can fit inside, much like the unit in the photos. The smaller units are great for using as a shed in the yard, or a small cabin just for a simple set up with a bed. If you have some land and you want to buy a home to put on it, this could very well be one of the most affordable options yet. Especially if you've been looking at the prices of other houses built new. Even tiny house cost can get pretty high depending on who you're purchasing from and how large you want it. Enjoy looking at the fabulous arched cabin on All Self Sustained. What would you use yours for?***

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