Tiny House Movement: Helping the Homeless! Simply Heart-melting!

It's always great to see trends that are helping people out. The tiny house movement could, in fact, help the homeless. This is a wonderful, heartfelt movement established by groups of people all over the United States, creating tiny house villages for people who are having a hard time getting back on their feet. Each of the little houses that are created by these wonderful people will provide homeless people with a space of his or her own while they get back up after a hard time. Most of the tiny house villages will have multiple homes with a bedroom, a living room, and a bathroom, inside. With just enough space for one person, they are the perfect solution to the housing first initiative. Housing first is a wonderful program that was started up for people who were struggling to integrate back into the working world. For a variety of reasons, people who have become homeless don't have anywhere to turn but the streets and overcrowded shelters. These places don't really make for the best living environments for people, especially when they are trying to make a better life for themselves.

The programs are all about giving people housing first since housing is the first step to creating a sustainable life. We all need a roof over our heads and food in our bellies before we can even think about going out and doing anything else. Housing is a fundamental need, and people need to be given the right to affordable housing. The people who live in the various tiny house villages will help out by either building tiny homes, or by helping maintain them. They will also sometimes make meals together and grow their own food in their own gardens on site. These programs also create a strong sense of community which helps these people to have a sense of purpose and belonging. Each person will be given a home, food, personal care items, and utilities for a period of time in exchange for work. Then, what usually happens is the person will get a job outside the community and take on the payments when they find employment. Then, they will eventually make their way into their own home outside of the community so they can be fully self-sufficient.

So far there are many of these villages popping up all across the nation, and people are catching onto the fact that the tiny house movement could really be a key way to help the homeless. Once there is a village for littles houses in one area, the other surrounding areas become interested and ask that village for advice on how to start their own. There is the The Village of Hope in Fresno, California that's more of an overnight program, but they can take up to 124 people a night which is great. Then there's A Tiny Home for Good in Syracuse, New York which is intended specifically for homeless veterans who have a hard time integrating back into normal society after the war. Infinity Village in Nashville, Tennessee got it's start by creating a Go Fund Me campaign that helped them raise the money to build a bunch of 60 square foot little houses. Los Angeles is also a place we all know could use some more housing for the homeless, so My Tiny House Project L.A. in Los Angeles, California built 40 tiny houses on wheels with solar power on private property. If you are inspired by the tiny house movement, you can even donate to these villages to help out, or you can even volunteer if you live close by. Maybe you might even want to start up one of your own in a city you live in. Let's hope this trend continues to grow and help people all over the world.***

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