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Tiny homes and cottages are gaining in popularity. Some people want to down-size and de-clutter, while others are simply seeking a simple retreat. Whatever the reasons for the tiny home movement, it’s happening. While some companies are adjusting to this new housing market, new companies are developing and acquiring the knowledge and expertise to offer the products and services people are seeking. The Little Cabin Company has done just that, with their Tiny Log Cabin Kit from $4,336.

The Little Cabin Company is comprised of Karl Lewis and Sarah Lewis, a husband and wife team from the Forest of Dean in England. The Lewis’s don’t actually manufacture the tiny log cabins themselves, but rather purchase them from Logcabins.lv in Lithuania, which the Lewis’s state, are one of the finest manufacturers in the world with over 30 years of industry experience. All of the wood used by Logcabins.lv comes from sustainable forests in Russia and Northern Europe. Siberian Pine, the main staple of the tiny log cabins, grows slowly because of the cold and the result is a close grain, a dense hardwood that is harder wearing, with the ability to resist weather (down to at least -60 °C). The Lewis’s then distribute the tiny log cabins throughout the U.K. from their warehouse in Essex.

Log cabins are typically dwellings constructed from logs and are generally less finished or less architecturally sophisticated in structure (think ‘simple’). Log cabins appear to have a long history in Europe and America (where they are most often associated with first-generation home builds by settlers). Although the exact origin of log cabin construction is uncertain, it certainly appears to have its roots in Scandinavia and Eastern Europe, with the first log structures most likely built in Northern Europe during the Bronze Age (circa 3500 BCE). Medieval log cabins were considered movable property and were often relocated (the buildings were disassembled, transported and reassembled on the new site). In the United States, settlers were first constructing log cabins by 1638. Historians believe the first log cabins in the U.S. were built by the Swedes in what is present-day New York. While log cabins were built from horizontal logs interlocked with notches on the ends, modern building methods allow the shortcut of nailing the logs together without jeopardizing the integrity of the structure.

So what comes as ‘standard’ in the Tiny Log Cabin Kit from $4,336? Interior and exterior walls, tongue and groove floorboards and roof boards, windows and doors (pre-hung in their frames) and pressure treated floor bearers. These cabins come with optional insulation as well as roofing material and, of course, you need to pay for delivery to your site. These Tiny Log Cabins are tiny, at just over 160 square feet (although you can purchase larger cabins for a slightly higher price), but boast a decent-sized verandah with a canopy for added space. The windows and doors are all double-glazed and include high-quality locks and fixtures as well. The log cabins are built by class leading, computer-controlled engineering methods with FSC approved wood for long-lasting cabins. What this all amounts to is a high-quality product without the extreme price, which is good for the consumer.

So, if you live in England and are thinking of building or buying a tiny log cabin, check out the Little Cabin Company, who provide little cabins at little prices. You can’t go wrong!

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