Tips: Eliminate Bacteria In The Kitchen

We all love our kitchens and it is where we spend a lot of our time if we also love to cook. Check out these awesome Kitchen Cleaning Tips: Eliminate Bacteria In The Kitchen. We all know what a drag cleaning can be sometimes. Sometimes it feels like you just clean up one mess and turn around to face another! As frustrating as this can be, the reality is that unless you eat take out all of the time or you cook pre packaged meals to feed yourself, you will be doing some dishes. It is just one of the facts of life as an adult, you have to make a mess to make food to eat and you have to clean up after it. But even when you clean with all of your might, there is still so much bacteria lurking in every nook and cranny of your kitchen area. These harmful bacteria can sometimes make us sick by contaminating the food we eat, which is why people want to keep their kitchens the cleanest they possibly can. Sometimes it might seem impossible to clean it all entirely and have it be 100% clean, but thats where these helpful and handy kitchen cleaning tips come in!

This is a wonderful list of kitchen cleaning tips that you will want to keep handy or memorize so that you never forget them! The kitchen cleaning list comes to us from Blog With Mom, an amazing blog that has tons of fabulous articles and posts on how-to around the home, reviews on products, travel, recipes, fitness, business tips and much more! The Blog With Mom website's logo is "Life is Meant to Be Shared" The website is a compilation of wonderful information from all over the internet, you could spend quite some time looking around in each of the many categories. Starting this kitchen cleaning list of suggestions and tips is the suggestion to use only Hemp washing cloths. The other thing we also want to think about when we are choosing cleaning supplies in the kitchen, is the environment. As much as we want to keep our homes clean, we need to think about where all of these chemical filled and man made sponges are going after we are through with them. They go into our landfills of course! So the best way to ensure that you are not throwing harmful toxins into the trash, you can use a hemp dish cloth. Hemp is chemical free, as well as biodegradable, and they are mildew resistant making them last a long time without stinking like those old sponges do.

You can also use a wool knitted or crocheted dish cloth, this is the same idea that natural fibres will last longer than synthetic ones and will grow less bacteria and mildew on them. The yarn will need to dry fully and only be used for a few days maximum to ensure the least amount of bacteria. Another fabulous idea is to sterilize all of your kitchen tools at least once a week, and after every use when you are cooking meat especially. Meat has tons of nasty bacteria that can cause major stomach illnesses, so cleaning thoroughly after preparing it is a must. Vinegar is also an amazing all natural cleaning solution that can be used to disinfect and deodorize your kitchen. Vinegar can be used to clear out the pipes in your dishwasher so that all of your glasses come out looking sparkly clean. Make sure that you check out more of the details on how to effectively clean your kitchen in a safe and natural way. Have a look around at some of the other posts you find on the Blog With Mom website and learn something new!

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