Toasted Vanilla Bean Chocolate Chip Muffins

There are some special recipes that take us back to childhood, favorites like apple pie, chocolate chip cookies and upside down cakes, they take us back to a time when life was a lot more simple and life wasn't quite as busy. When I read the title "Toasted Vanilla Bean Chocolate Chip Muffins," it conjured up images of whole ingredients and simple pleasure, fit for grandmas table. These look so awesome, don't they? And they also look like they would be super simple to make.

This blog is written by Consuelo, an 18 year old Agricultural Engineering University student from Spain, who love Game of Thrones and Downton Abbey, she also loves to run in marathons, one which she is training for in November 2015. Console likes to live a healthy lifestyle, achieved through moderation and balance, she loves nut butters, and calls herself a professional plant eater. This is one of her awesome recipes that you can find on the Honey & Figs website. Its so cool that almost anyone in this day and age can have a blog where they can feature things that they love and share them with the world.

Any recipe that calls for simple whole ingredients is something I'am interested in, especially in this world of processed cookies, cakes and muffins. This recipe has ingredients like Greek yoghurt, whole vanilla bean, eggs and buttermilk, a recipe my mom would appreciate. These ones seem like they have been made to be as healthy as possible. Muffins are a popular nineteenth century quick bread recipe that can be made either sweet or savory. In North America muffins are similar to cupcakes in both size and recipes. Muffins are usually baked in round sheets of paper (available in a variety of colors, and fun designs), foil or silicone making easier to clean up and hold.

Some popular muffin recipes can include apple crumble, banana nut, blueberry, chocolate chip, double chocolate, raspberry, raison, cranberry, zucchini, and healthy versions some of which are gluten free, with seeds and nuts. Some savory muffin recipes can include corn, cheese, zucchini cheese, sausage and cheese, bacon cheddar and butternut squash muffins. Corn and cheese muffins are a favorite in the fall, and popular at thanksgiving dinners. Muffins are a convenient and quick idea for morning breakfasts on the go, they are also a great addition to school time lunches, especially if mom makes a healthy version, so the kids can get some nutrition when they are not at home. Savory muffins are also a smart alternative to breakfast, and can have some protein added in along with some of your favorite cheese to make a quick and easy breakfast,or lunchtime snack to go.

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