Today's Top 10 Log Cabins - #3, The Witches Maine is Totally Unique

Here we are at number 3 of Today's Top 10 Log Cabins! Check out the Witches Maine its a magical little cabin that looks like it just came right out of a fairy tale. Can you imagine living here? It would be like living in a tree house! Yes, its small, but you could let your imagination run wild. What a perfect spot for an artists studio, writers nook, or meditation room. It would make an ideal guest house - or even better, a playhouse for the kids!

The good people over at SS Buve believe in healthy, eco-friendly log cabins and work with wood that breathes that is, it isnt coated in thick toxic chemicals; instead, they use a natural weatherizing process that protects it from the elements. They also specialize in well-insulated, energy efficient log cabins that wont break the bank to build. And they have some really unique designs, like the odd-angled Witches Maine, where even the logs are different lengths, giving it a truly one-of-a-kind, storybook feel.

Log cabins have been around for ages, and their own history is inextricably interwoven with that of the whole continent. Early North American settlers originally built them in the woods, close to the trees they used to make them. Over the years, they became a symbol of independence and self-sufficiency.

The construction of log homes peaked in the late 19th century, but then slowly began to die out in North America but it never completely went away. And lately, they are becoming more and more popular for their visual beauty as well as their practicality as many seek out simpler, cheaper, and healthier ways to live in our otherwise fast-paced world.

To learn more about the Witches Maine and other unique, eco-friendly log cabins, please visit the SS Buve website, below!

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