Top 10 Amazing Photorealist Artworks

Since as long as I can remember, art has always been an integral part of our culture. It has many forms and varieties, which is what makes it so universal and loved by so many people. One of these art-related professions is being a painter. In the past years, painters used to have a canvass, paintbrush, and paint so that they could create their masterpieces. Nowadays, although there are many painters who still paint, there has also been a swell of new forms of art to inspire your visual enjoyment. This is how amazing photorealist artworks have been born. Yes, you read it right! Photorealist artworks have been the trend in this modern era. This is what pushes conventional and modern painters to go into digital painting in order to produce breathtaking masterpieces. However, they make sure that the conventional painting method is still applied. Here are some amazing photorealist artworks that are made digitally or conventionally.

1. This artwork features a girl who is in a side view position, while putting her hands at the back. The girl is looking on something. This may be simple to look at, but every detail of this piece will stun you for sure. It is such a great masterpiece of Yigal Ozeri.

2. Mosphit - This piece of art features a group of people. What you will love about it is its impressive detail as well as the facial features of the people in this piece. It just shows that Dan Witz, who happens to be its brilliant artist, had spent a considerable amount of time and patience in making it.

3. Waves - This is a masterpiece of Ran Ortner. It features the breathtaking sea waves that you usually see when you go to the beach. The best thing about it is, it looks like real waves that you may think that you are in a real sea watching the amazing dancing waves.

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