Top 10 Best Burgers In The World

Alright! Since it’s my cheat day today… and I’m hungry, we’re going to treat ourselves for a few minutes reading about the world’s best burgers. “Are we going to eat them right now?!” Oh, I got some bad news. “What?” We're just going to find out what are the best burgers in the world. *cries* I'm sorry to disappoint you, brotha. All we can do for now is to stare at these delicious-looking burgers and imagine. Since we're all famished here, I guess, let’s not make the burgers wait. Let the burgers introduce themselves now! *winks*

We have Big Chef Tom’s Belly Burger in San Francisco, California. These burgers are made of 100% ground pork. Plus, you have veggies and chicken as options. This is served with fried chili pepper, aioli, tomatillo relish and cotija cheese. *heavy breathing* Makes you hungrier? Well, contain yourself because there are still more.

Meet ‘Meat Liquor’. *silence* Ok, so I know you are thinking what I am thinking too. So, to affirm that, let me tell you the slogan of the restaurant where this burger is served: Come hungry, leave drunk’. *silence* I feel like there’s nothing to talk about. *silence again* “Oh yeah! This is our kind of burger! All-in-one! Where can we find this?” It is located in a restaurant in Marylebone in London, United Kingdom. This burger is served with liquor and fries on the side. “Let’s pack our things and go to London!” Alright, calm down. Just chill, people.

We aren't done yet. The Hamburger Foundation in Geneva, Switzerland is the perfect foundation. Imagine combining Swiss products and burger: a fine concoction isn't it? Yes, the Hamburger Foundation have made use of Switzerland’s best to come up with one of the world’s best burger.

I know you are dying to taste the best burger ever. What is the best burger in the world? Well, it is the… just visit Twisper Magazine’s website below, guys! Have fun! *winks*

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