Toblerone is one kind of chocolate that is very famous all over the world. It has a long triangular shape, and it definitely tastes great. It slowly melts on the tongue and is filled with crunchy and creamy textures. Ohhhh...I can still remember the days when I devoured these bars with my family. There is not much else to say, but delicious! In case you don't know, Toblerone can be used as a main ingredient for some mouth watering recipes. Here are some of dessert ideas using Toblerone:

1. Nougat Cheesecake - If you love eating unusual cheesecakes, then this is something that you must try. It is topped with Toblerone Ganache. Moreover, the base of this cheesecake is made from a biscuit. Can you see its difference to other cheesecakes?

2. Friands - These are perhaps something that is unusual for you. But one thing is for sure, and this is the fact that this recipe will blow your mind once you tasted it. The combination of slightly melted toblerone and strawberries is out of this world.

3. Toblerone Cocktail - Have you ever tried sipping a cocktail drink out from your favorite chocolate? If you have not, then the Toblerone Cocktail will leave you wanting a repeat. This is very famous in social gatherings among the ladies.

4. Mousse Fondues - Okay, this might be one of my favorites. If you are a dessert 'foodie' and like new flavors then this dessert will leave you impressed. Its taste may puzzle you because of its several fruit ingredients like seedless grapes (red and green), star fruit, carambolas, and strawberries.

5. Brioche Babka - This dessert makes me think of Easter breakfast! It is a more challenging recipe to make and every detail must be kept in mind so that you can achieve perfection. But once you have successfully made it, you will often want to enjoy its deliciousness with a cup of coffee or tea.

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