Top 10 Bizarre Houses in the World

Some would say that it's the house's interior design that makes anyone dwelling in it happy and satisfied. Others would argue that it's all about the outdoor design and that's what makes a house look stunning. We have to say that it's both the interior and exterior look of the house that makes it significant and depends likely into its overall constructions. All these factors affect the overall aesthetics of a house and today you will see what we mean by looking at some of the bizarre houses we are featuring here.

1. Shoe House in Pennsylvania, USA- this would remind you of that nursery rhyme that starts with, “There was an old woman, who lives in a shoe.” But this time, it is not just in a nursery rhyme because you can find this in real life, and the owner was not an old woman but rather an old man. He used to have it as a guest-house for his friends and partners. But after he died, the shoe house was turned into ice cream café and eventually into a museum.

2. Toilet House in South Korea- most people who saw this found it negative to live in a place where it shapes like a toilet, but some just find the comedy in it. If you live here, you won’t have to find a conversation starter that’s for sure. But this house is not just a place of residence because it also serves as venues for meetings like the Global Toilet Association in 2007.

3. Strawberry House in Tokyo, Japan- this building looks exactly like a strawberry. It looks delicious, especially for those who love the said fruit. The designer created a mushroom shaped hall at the entrance of its building to make it look even more youthful and fun.

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