Top 10 Clever & Creative Woodworking Tips & Tricks

If you are going to become a carpenter or even if you plan to be a DIY person and take on small projects, if you have never worked with tools there is more to it than meets the eye.

So you are looking at doing a project that requires screwing it together. So, for a moment here, let's talk about the common screw.

In all branches of carpentry there are many instances where screws are used instead of nails, because of their greater holding power, neater appearance, less chance of injuring the material you are working with and ease of removing them in case of repairs

There is a multiplicity of screws for various uses, the particular kind here considered are those employed in wood construction known as 'wood screws' although they are made of metal.

By definition, a wood screw is a screw nail, having a right handed coarse thread to give a good grip, a gimlet point to enter the wood and a slotted head for the reception of a screwdriver.

Wood screws may be classed with respect to the material with they are made as iron, steel, brass, copper and bronze.

With the respect to the shape of the head as: flat, round, fillister oval, winged, bung, pinched, headless, slotted (wood screws), square (lag screws) hexagonal, clove and grooved.

With the respect to the shape of the point, as: gimlet, diamond, conical or fetter.

With respect to the thread, as: standard, full length, and coarse.

With respect to its duty as: so-called "wood" (light duty)

or 'Lag" (heavy duty)

Finally with respect to its finish, as: bright, blued, nickel plated, silver plated, brass, bronzed, coppered, japanned, lacquered, tinned and galvanized.

So for those of you out there that thought a screw is just a screw, this is only be beginning. The correct screws must be used with the correct product in order to achieve the right building result.

For ordinary purposes, iron or steel screws are used. Boat building or other purposes where there can be corrosion from the water, brass or copper screws are used. Where a project requires extra strength alloy, a bronze screw is used.

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