Top 10 Common Errors Made In Cooking

We are human, therefore we all make mistakes. Even so, little did you know that even professionals chefs can commit errors when cooking dishes? Yes, you read it right! There are several common cooking errors that every professional and amateur cooking buff may experience. Some of them are the following:

1. Pan Too Cold

This cooking error is observable when you are frying something such as meat and some other food items. The tendency if you fry something in a pan that is still cold is that the food item may stick into the pan. Because of this, your entire recipe might be ruined.

2. Fish Is Overcooked

Overcooked fish is something that most people want to avoid, but at the same time, there is a fine line since we do not want it undercooked either.

3. Too Much Interference

It is another cooking error that you must keep in mind. Once you have added the food items in the pan, unless it is a high heat stirfry, then often you will simply want to let the food cook for the recommended time period instead of constantly stirring.

4. Overcrowding

It is very common for us to put too much into our pans because we think it will save us time and we can feed a bigger crowd. If your goal is perfection in your flavors, then there are certain foods (like mushrooms) which will be negatively affected when the pan is too crowded.

5. Not Enough Salt

A lot of people are afraid to put salt on their recipe. Because of this, they tend to only put smaller amount that can make the dish's taste not that good. Hence, always measure the salt that you must add to the recipe that you are cooking.

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