Top 10 Creepy Stories Of Alleged Alien Encounters

Hey, everyone! Any alien abduction stories you can share? “No. Thank goodness, I've never been abducted by an alien so far.” Well, that’s good news if I might say. “But I want to experience alien abduction some day.” *silence* Trust me, you don't want to. “How could you say that?” Alright, so do you want to hear two of ten creepy stories of alleged alien encounter? “Let’s try.” Great then! Let’s see if you'll change your mind after hearing these stories. So? Let’s start! Oh wait! After reading the stories, look at how these two are similar.

The first alien encounter we have here is Sergeant Moody. Sergeant Moody sees a meteor shower when he is stationed in New Mexico. Suddenly, a UFO landed in front of his car, and when tries to run away, he couldn't move his car. And the worst thing? He passes out. But according to him, before everything goes out of control, he thinks that he saw a “humanoid shape inside the craft.” Sergeant Moody then goes through hypnosis to be able to grasp his repressed memories. According to it, “when the aliens tried to abduct him, he slammed one of them with his car door and punched another. They still managed to subdue him and performed several experiments, but at least he (allegedly) went down like Rambo.”

Another alien abduction story is the Buff Ledge. This time, two teenagers are the alleged victims. They are on their summer camp when they saw a UFO at the docks and claim that they saw aliens inside. However, they couldn't remember anything else after that because they are hit by some kind of light. According to them, they are sure that aliens have taken them aboard to their ship and took something out from their bodies to perform an experiment.

So, are you thinking what I am thinking right now? “Oh no.” Yes, I know what you have in mind right now. Both alleged victims claim that these extraterrestrial beings have taken them to perform an experiment. The only crazy question here is, experiments for what? Well, I don’t have the answers right now. And I hope I will never experience it to know the answers!

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