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We all know the economy is shifting and we need to shift along with it. Gone are the days of excess and luxury for many of us. I never used to think about clipping coupons or saving my refundable bottles, but these days my perspective is changing. Job insecurity, unemployment and massive mortgages have left many families with little to spare and sometimes not quite enough to cover all the monthly expenses. There are two ways to deal with the problem of not having enough income to cover your expenses and both of them are pretty simple and obvious. One, make more money and two, spend less money. Duh.. I know you didn't need me to tell you that. But the thing is, so many of us developed spending habits when we had good jobs that have stuck with us over the years that the economy has declined. If you are a homeowner there may be many ways you could be saving yourself money each month that might have never occurred to you. By making some adjustments and some wise choices in how your manage your household you may soon start to see some major savings in your monthly bills.

This article from This Old House offers numerous clever tips for how you can save big bucks on your monthly energy and other utility bills by making some simple adjustments. It will also give you some effective strategies to help you save money with easy do it yourself projects around the house. Helpful tips for consumers will have you saving money left right and center. Each tip alone may seem like it won't save you much and therefore may not be worth the bother, but added together all of these tricks could add up to significant savings. Beyond that, reading this article will help you develop a mindset for efficiency and savings that will bring a welcome perspective to your life. For tips and tricks visit the website link below to 'This Old House'.

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