Top 10 Essential Woodworking Hand Tools

Woodworking is a calming and productive task that has been done by many men and women over the centuries. Some do it for fun, and there are also some people who do it for business purposes. As a matter of fact, woodworking has been a hype in today's generation with more and more DIY-ers getting busy in their back sheds. Carefully crafted wood projects are undeniably amazing and beautiful to look at. Using the proper tools will help you to improve your skill much more than if you have old tools that are dull and inappropriate for the task.

1. Claw Hammer (Finish Head) - Hammers like the claw hammer are basic tools needed in woodworking and in carpentry in general. Before indulging into woodworking, you must know first what is the exact weight of a claw hammer you must have. Choose the one that you can easily carry and that will have enough weight to easily pound down those nails.

2. Combination Square - In measuring the wood that you are about to transform for a craft, a combination square will be greatly helpful. A blade and a ruler are usually affixed in a combination square. Woodworkers today do not start their woodworking job without having this tool.

3. Chisels - These are used in removing small bits of wood in order create the perfect shapes. The truth is, there are several kinds of chisels and as a woodworker, you must have all of them. Keep in mind that each one of them has essential functions in your woodworking activities.

4. Block Plane - it is one of those smaller tools essential in woodworking. This is helpful in the finishing touches of a project.

These are just some of the essential woodworking hand tools that you need to have. If you want to see the full list and details of these hand tools, simply visit the Ebay website below.

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