Top 10 Facts about Brain that how it works

The brain is such a fascinating part of our body. It is full of mysteries at times and there is no denying the power that lies in it, which makes every human being capable of doing anything in their lives. Without the brain, we can do nothing. Scientists even theorized that it is possible that the brain is actually the ďuniverse.Ē But they havenít confirmed that yet. As of today, we can give you a few of the things that our brain does that most of us are oblivious of. There are obviously a lot, but here are some of our top picks.

1. Make time fly fast and slow- The brain has the ability to make you think that time can go slow when you explore and participate in new activities. The concept of time apparently just lies in our brain. On that note, when our brain finds something new, it gets to absorb it first and that what makes it think that time is running slow.

2. Rewiring your brain through meditation- This has been a proven practice by a lot of people even from thousands of years ago. When you meditate, your brain gets to be relaxed and you become less anxious about the worries of life. You will tend to be calm and even think rational as soon as you start doing this regularly. There is even current evidence suggesting that meditation can help to heal diseases and also can form new neural connections.

3. Exercise to reorganize your brain- Being idle is not healthy in any form. It is not good if you sit all day doing nothing, as it just tends to make you unproductive. Feeling sluggish and lazy? Go outside and get a good run or hit the gym. You can also try a few laps in the swimming pool or crank up your favorite music and dance around the house to burn some extra calories.

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