Top 10 Famous Racehorses

If you love horse racing, then you must be intrigued to find out what are the famous racehorses out there and what made them so attractive aside from winning a race. There are benefits of being familiar with this aside from gaining some knowledge, but knowing the secrets of their success might also help you in case you are someone who wants to own a winning racehorse. Throughout history, a lot of horses brings title because of their greatness, not just in the field of racing, but they too have become an inspiration to mankind because of the story behind their existence. Find out some of them and their contribution in this article today.

1. Man O' War- he is considered to be the greatest among thoroughbred of racehorses that ever lived on our planet. This horse has won about 21 races, which made him earn around $249,465. August Belmont Jr. is the owner of the horse. Born in Lexington, Kentucky on March 29, 1917, Man O' War died on November 1, 1947.

2. Seabiscuit- he was another thoroughbred racehorse champion known in America and born on May 23, 1933 and died on May 17, 1947. His career as a racehorse didn't take off until later. And he was considered as one of the underdogs that eventually became a symbol of hope to lots of people during that era when the Great Depression was taking place. There were films made, inspired by his story and a lot of books were published worldwide in honour of his success during the race who keeps a record in everyone's heart. He was owned by Charles Howard and he earned about $437,730 from all his races.

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