Top 10 Favorite Caribbean Islands

After spending hours of work in the office for months on end, you are no doubt telling yourself that you need a break! You probably are on a lookout right now for something new that you could do for your much-awaited vacation. Why not go and explore some of the amazing islands around the world. They are here for a reason, and one of them is to be marveled and inhabited by the human race. The Caribbean is filled with many tropical islands that would be wonderful to discover. That being said, we have a list of some places that will make you want to prepare your passport and pack you bags.

1. Cayo de Agua- this is located in the northern part of Venezuela, and if you love to snorkel and enjoy some long walks by the beach, this should be on top of your list of destinations. The water here is so clear and there is no way you wouldn't want to go back to this place after your first visit.

2. Double Breasted Cays- located at the northern part of the Abacos, which is an island in the Bahamas, we have to say that this one is not that easy to reach. But your travel here is going to be worth it because of the many gorgeous beaches that it offers. You will automatically feel free and peaceful, the minute you step your feet on its beautiful sand.

3. Barbuda- found at the northern part of the Antigua and Barbuda, you will notice that this quite a remote island where you can still enjoy the beaches. Don't be surprised to see donkeys roaming around here, by the way.

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