Top 10 Gadgets For Your High-Tech Home

Are you living in a high-tech home? If you are, then you must have these top ten gadgets for your high-tech house. These top ten gadgets for your high-tech dwelling will make you say “Like a boss!” “But I don't live in a high tech house,” *hugs* It’s alright, homie. Why don't you come with me outside and let’s wait till the sky decides to pour high-tech homes? But for now, let’s indulge ourselves and our future high technology houses first with these fascinating gadgets. So what now? Touch enter! *winks*

This Winbot robot window cleaner will make a stranger think that your house moves and cleans on its own. Winbot is a product by ECOVACS Robotics. This window cleaner is worth two hundred dollars and can do the entire window cleaning work. Fill this gadget with your cleaning solution, and then you just attach it to your window and press power. Look at how your Winbot works while you sit and smile on your also high-tech sofa. *winks* If you are asthmatic or allergic, Airocide Air purifier will aid you. This technology is developed by NASA scientists “to oxidize pathogens at a molecular level, via two catalytic reaction chambers.” If you are prone to pet allergies, then Airocide is to the rescue. It will turn your pets into hypo-allergenic animals.

And the coolest of all these gadgets is the Kohler Numi toilet. I know I am not alone in considering toilet as a high and mighty throne. It is where you sit and contemplate about your life while feeling like a royal. So to make it more exciting, why don't we purchase this Kohler Numi toilet? It has illuminated panels, foot warmer, deodorizer, integrated air dryer, and motion activated seat. And wait! There’s more! It has built-speakers in it! If you want to listen to “Bang, Bang!” or “The Way You Look Tonight” while you’re sitting on the throne, just stream on your Bluetooth-supported device or you can plug it in using a cable. Feeling like a sir now? For more exciting information about this toilet, just visit Kohler’s website.

These are not the only cool gadgets for your high-tech house. Just go to “Mashable” website below to experience more! *winks*

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