Top 10 Great Woods for Woodworking

If you love working with your hands doing projects that involve woodworking, then it is best to be well versed when it comes to the many different types of woods out there for your desired project. Pick only the best ones for whatever it is that you are working on, because the quality is not something that should be jeopardized or done in mediocrity. To be able to have some knowledge about this subject, consulting with a professional is what we recommend. That said, we have seasoned woodworker Spike Carlsen share some of his tips on the best woods that you could use for your project.

1. Ash Woods- these woods are usually coarse in texture, and they are known to be heavy and strong. It has a neat color of gray-brown that is perfect to use as furniture if you want to have a minimalist theme in your space. This wood is also often used to make bats and boat parts because of its sturdy nature.

2. Butternut- its color ranges from white to light brown and it has a soft texture that is perfect for kitchen utensils and even cabinet projects.

3. Cherry- you will recognize this one because of its reddish brown color and it is moderately hard. This is ideal for cabinets and any architectural woodworking project as well. And if you ask about its price, Carlsen said that you must ready a budget for it because it is not exactly cheap.

4. Hard Maple- this one is also moderately hard and it is often light and it has this reddish brown color that is ideal for cabinets and other furniture.

Knowing the right wood for your specific project is a must because that will also determine its longevity. Find out more of these on the website Bobvila below.

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