Top 10 Handyman Tips and Tricks

I will confess I am a bit of a girly girl and not very handy around the house myself, but there are few things I find more attractive than a man with a toolbox. When something breaks down around the house I want to a man in my life who knows how to fix it. Having a toolbox is one thing and knowing how to use all of those tools is a whole other ballgame. In the past all men learned to be handy men out of necessity. In the pioneer days no one called a plumber or an electrician to do their home repairs (not that they probably had plumbing or electricity mind you, but bear with me here). Today, not all boys grow up learning how to fix things because they do not have to. If your toaster breaks down, you take it back to the store. If you need a new deck, you call up your local construction company. There are a myriad of people employed in the wide variety of services required to keep our homes running properly. There is little need for the modern man to put on his Mr. Fix-It hat.

However, much time and money can be saved by knowing how to do a few basic repairs around the house. If that is not enough enticement for you, then learn it because you will make your wife or girlfriend love, admire and respect you that much more. We women love to see our big strong men at work around the house and it is a great way to make a contribution to household management without having to scrub a toilet or take out the garbage. This great article from Primer Magazine (link below) will show you how to fix ten common household problems with ease. Your significant other will be so impressed with your manly new skills.

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