Top 10 High-Tech Gadgets for a Cutting-Edge Kitchen

We are now living in 2015, which is the future in the movie 'Back to the Future'. In case you havenít realized it yet, we are living in the future now. It is why it is no longer surprising to see new gadgets sprout like mushrooms on a daily basis. The people working on technology donít seem to sleep these days until they have made our world a better place. We have lost the number of apps available just to innovate our daily lives. And today, we are going to share more cool gadgets specially made for your kitchen that you might not have heard of before. Here are some:

1. Egg Minder- if you want to know if you bought the right eggs without having to crack them open, this gadget will help you out. If those eggs are no longer okay, a mobile app that goes with it could send you a notification that it's time that you change those eggs to new ones. You can purchase this kitchen gadget for $49.99.

2. Blendtec Designer 700- try blending your food to a new high-tech level with this blender. The design is such an eye-candy, especially when it comes with a touch screen interface for you to easily control this gadget while blending the food like making a smoothie. This tool cost $749.

3. Simplehuman Sensor Can- this is not your ordinary trash bin because you would still have to make an effort to open it, it is not the typical trash can. This one has a built-in motion individual sensor, that once you wave your hand near it, it will automatically open. You can purchase it at $200.

Check out more cool kitchen gadgets on Mashable's website below. It will eventually inspire you to upgrade your kitchen in no time. Have fun!

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